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“The Taste of Thanksgiving” at Reynolds Clubhouse November 24, 2009

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On Monday, November 23rd, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas’ Donald W. Reynolds Clubhouse hosted a special event called “The Taste of Thanksgiving” in honor of National Family Week. Clubhouse staff invited club members and their parents to prepare their favorite traditional Thanksgiving dish to contribute to The Taste of Thanksgiving Event. A total of 22 families signed up to bring food that included baked macaroni and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Club members in attendance were given the opportunity to sample each of the homecooked recipies and “taste” each unique variation of their traditional Thanksgiving favorites.

Gabriel Roussell, a professional chef and a parent of two club members, volunteered to prepare the clubhouse turkey and stuffing. “Turkey Time with Chef Gabriel”, a live demonstration on how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey, was the highlight of the evening. Chef Gabriel provided the audience with a special recipe of butter, herbs and spices, along with cooking tips and serving tricks, that allowed the club members and their families to learn how turkey is prepared by a trained culinary professional.

Overall, everyone in attendance had a wonderful time sharing their own family recipies with other club member families. The Taste of Thanksgiving Event at the Donald W. Reynolds Clubhouse was an excellent way to bring families together and introduce old traditions to new friends in the spirit of the first Thanksgiving Celebration.



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